What if I Gave You a Magic Wand

that would allow you to

Manifest Absolutely Anything

you want right now



I'm Sandy Grason and I'm going to show you how to use the Secrets of Manifesting to:

  • Explode Your Income
  • Attract Powerful Relationships
  • Work Less
  • Earn More
  • Celebrate Your Amazing Life
  • Have Massive Success
  • Experience Personal Fulfillment & Satisfaction
  • Even Manifest the Love of Your Life

It feels like yesterday, but it happened a while ago. An old college friend invited my husband and I out to dinner. We went to this great restaurant on Las Olas Boulevard called Mark's. It's one of those restaurants that has things on the menu like:

Pan seared Ingrid sea scallops with Jerusalem artichokes and Grilled Caribbean spiny lobster with jicama, crispy yuca and a passion fruit-vanilla bean vinaigrette (I took those from Mark's actual menu) Yummmmmmmm!

Well, on this particular night, I wasn't thinking about what to order...


I was NOT happy at all.


I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter Haley, I was at that awkward & uncomfortable stage where no one could really tell I was pregnant yet - I just looked (and felt) completely OUT-OF-SHAPE... Majorly Bloated! I wasn't feeling very confident about my appearance and I was even more lost and confused about what I wanted to do with my life.

To make matters worse, the 2 couples we were having dinner with seemed to HAVE IT ALL.

The first couple, let's call them Robert & Nicole, were visiting from Los Angeles. Robert was an internationally recognized speaker and worked with Fortune 500 companies, evaluating and strategizing with their top level management. Nicole worked with one of the most well-known, successful entertainment conglomerates negotiating endorsements, marketing and product placement deals for their movies and artists.

The second couple, Jonathan and Erica (my college friend) also seemed to be flying high. Jonathan had just closed a major deal with Cirque du Soleil and was getting ready to open a huge stadium in another state and Erica had just won some major award at her job, National Sales Woman of the Year (or something like that).

Picture this: me, sitting in this gorgeous restaurant surrounded by beautiful people, at a table with these gorgeous, successful, fabulous people and I felt fat, tired, ugly and had absolutely NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE.


I felt like such a Loser!


And I couldn't even have a glass of wine with everyone, because I was pregnant!

It was a really bad night out. I remember sitting in the car on the way home from dinner, with tears welling up in my eyes, as I asked my husband if I would ever get my act together.

"Do you think I'll ever really be successful and fulfilled? I feel like I've been trying - my whole life - to find THE ANSWER and I'm still lost."


A few short months later, my life was completely different, I was having dinner in the home of best-selling author, Dr. Wayne Dyer, with his wife and family.

And just a few years later, I signed a deal with a literary agent and sold my first book to one of the top publishers in the country. This book was endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, John Gray, Debbie Ford and Mark Victor Hansen.


Today I run my empire "Sandy Grason Unlimited" from my beautiful home in Sunny South Florida. I'm a Founder of one of the most exciting social networking destinations in the world, CCOR.tv, with over 125 participating countries. I'm an international speaker, paid spokesperson and make significant passive income from my intellectual property, books, cds, audio programs and systems that inspire millions of people around the world.

I have a team of "Hot Moguls" (dedicated, inspired, passionate people), working with me in order to inspire even more people around the world to lead a magnificent life, surrounding themselves with opulence and celebration.


Most importantly, I wake up each morning, feeling ALIVE and joyful. I love my work and I love my life. I get letters and emails every single day from around the world, telling me what a hugely positive impact I've had on their lives.

What turned it all around for me?



One simple word: MANIFESTING


The first time I "manifested" something, I was shocked! I couldn't believe that something so crazy, so impossible, yet so wonderful - just showed up, almost by magic. Here's what happened...


The 1st time I manifested something I was shocked at how easily it happened.


I was driving in the car with my husband, I was about 7 months pregnant, and we were listening to a live recording of Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. Dr. Dyer mentioned his wife, who had given birth to 7 children, "When she gives birth, she goes into an altered state-of-consciousness, she becomes one with the birthing process."

I turned to my husband and said; "I want Wayne Dyer's wife to help me give birth" - Ridiculous! It was a joke.

Two weeks later, my father-in-law called with 4 tickets to see Wayne Dyer speak in Ft. Lauderdale. (he just happened to be driving around and saw Dr. Dyer's name on the marquee at a local church). The night of the talk, I remember standing in the bathroom, about 50 pounds heavier than usual and joking with my husband, "I want to meet Wayne Dyer and I want him to tell his wife to help me give birth." It was a joke!

I stood in line during intermission and asked Dr. Dyer to sign a book for me. I pointed to my gigantic belly and said; "I heard your wife is working on a book about childbirth, will it be ready in time to help me?"

He looked at my belly and laughed, "No it won't be ready in time to help you, but she's right over there, why don't you go say 'Hi' to her... she just loves pregnant women."


We walked over to introduce ourselves to Marcelene Dyer. I asked her if she had any words of wisdom for me, I told her how scared I was to give birth. Marcelene took my hand and said; "I would be happy to help you in any way that I can, in fact, if you would like me to be there... I would consider it an honor." (long pause) Whaaaaaaaaaat? Did you catch that? I couldn't speak. I had said this ridiculous thing, twice, out loud, and now she was offering it to me. I did nothing. Here it was.


The rest of the night is a blur, I guess my husband got her phone number, because I called her the next day... and... Marcelene Dyer was with me when I gave birth to both of my daughters.


That's an amazing Manifestation!

My second daughter (18 months later) was born at home, in the water, and Marci slept on my couch and held my hand and talked to me about my strength and power as a woman. Marci is actually the first person who told me that I would have a book of my own one day, and when she said it, I thought she was crazy. The critical voices in my head shouted "You can't do that!" Well, I did.

And you can too!


Nothing so magical had ever happened to me. It made me certain, that the Universe is listening, and wants to bring us our dreams and wishes.

I started to wonder what else I could manifest. It became a game in my life. I was constantly playing the manifesting game.

I manifested more and more things. I watched my thoughts turn into reality before my eyes. I told my husband I wanted to go see David Cassidy (he was performing in South Florida), and he showed up at my door. (my apartment was for sale at the time). I told my husband I wanted to give my book to Paul McCartney's wife, she was seated one row in front of me that evening. I kept manifesting even more amazing circumstances.


But sometimes, I would try to manifest something, and nothing would happen.


I became fascinated with the science behind manifesting. I wanted to know how to do it, consistently. I studied the masters.

One of the biggest things I learned that you can do to turn up the power of your manifesting abilities is to bring other, powerful, focused, successful people into your vision. This is called Masterminding. Masterminding will add serious Rocket Fuel to your manifesting vision.


Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich that the Mastermind is:

"The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."


Hill goes on to say:

"Analyze the record of any person who has accumulated great fortune, and you will find that they have either consciously, or unconsciously employed the Master Mind principle."


When I added masterminding to my manifesting principles, my life changed dramatically.


If you want to Manifest easily & immediately then You Absolutely Must Mastermind


Every person I met became a manifesting mastermind partner. Every day - another opportunity for a manifesting party. It's really, really fun!


People always ask me how I manifest such amazing things in my life. They say things like:
"Sandy, it seems that you just lead a charmed life. Will this really work for me?"

The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! The same principles that work for me, will work for you too.


I've tested these steps with private clients for years:

Manifested a $3 Million dollar referral AND a TV hosting gig on QVC!

UPDATE: Wrote 1/2 million $ in contracts in 2 days & landed 2 hosting gigs on QVC !!!

(Michele's product sold out in 3 minutes with over 2,000 people still waiting on hold!)

"Before working with Sandy, I had invested an incredible amount of time and money in self-development programs, seminars, books and teachers. I had already done a tremendous amount of 'work' on myself. I have a fabulous relationship with the man of my dreams, a little boy that brings my life so much joy. I have my real estate license, and a MLM business that supports health & well-being, and I'm an actress. My life looked pretty good, but I knew I was ready for even bigger things.

Sandy's work has allowed me to use my intentions to direct my life in an amazing way. Relationships that were a struggle, or seemed stressful and difficult have resolved themselves. I uncovered and dissolved some very negative beliefs about money that were holding me back. I'm attracting powerful business partners including a $3 million dollar referral last week AND a new hosting gig on QVC- which I totally ROCKED!

I'm just getting started and already I'm seeing amazing Manifestations.

One of the best investments I've ever made for my businesses and my life!

Thank you again for all you have done to transform my life in such a short time. I love you!"

~ Michele Verdi-Knapp, Rock Star Realtor, Super-Star Actress & Hot Mogul Fort Lauderdale, FL


Since, I can't personally teach everyone these principles that have worked for me and so many others.... I finally forced myself to sit down and put all my tricks and tools into one amazing, tell-all system. Ta-Da!


Mastermind to Manifest:

How to Use the Secrets of Manifesting to Create Unlimited Success


Click Here to Order Now


Imagine being able to walk into any room and have strangers walk up to you and ask you "what are you doing? I want to work with you." Because your energy draws them to you.

Can you see yourself living the dream that's been whispering to you for the last several years?

Manifested a new client immediately! While still on the call!

"I was on the Manifesting Mojo call with Sandy on Friday and as we were doing the manifesting vision, I was visualizing all the new team members I am attracting to my business and how easy it is going to be. I saw them just signing up with me effortlessly... My phone rang during the visualization and I was interrupted by a new prospect that urgently needed to fax me her paperwork to get started! This stuff really works!"

I recently lost a high level corporate job and while this experience might have paralyzed me in the past, as soon as I was "released" from the job, I was able to begin to create a whole new life for myself. I've experienced an amazing shift in my well being and a re-connection to my spirit. In the past I would live my life and accomplish my goals with brute force and the feeling that "it was all up to me". Now I am operating from a place of trust, a knowingness that it is going to be alright. I realize that the more I relax into the process, the more grace I have and the easier it is to be in the flow. I'm following my intuition and it's leading me in amazing directions.

~ Wendy Read, Silpada Representative, www.mysilpada.com/wendy.read


Are you still searching for the missing link?


Maybe you are longing to feel passion and pride when asked what you do. Can you see yourself right now, enjoying your extreme successes?

(take a moment now and imagine you are standing at a cocktail party and being introduced to someone on your "I want to have dinner with before I die..." list. You are filled with pride when asked "what are you working on?") Can you see yourself living your dreams?

Now, take those dreams and multiply them by 10. (breathe) THAT is what is possible for you. I know that this is possible for you. And I also know that you've been holding yourself back. I believe in your vision and I'm going to show you how to get there.


How much longer are you going to hold yourself back from your Greatest Life?


How long are you going to think about taking a chance on your dreams... and then do nothing?


You cannot afford to DO NOTHING any longer, Listen to that whisper that continues to call to you.


Try this:

Imagine that it's 5 years from today. Mentally add the years, it's now (month, day, year) and you are ____ years old. (If you have children, add 5 years to their ages.) Got it? Are you 5 years in the future?

Okay ~ Now imagine that you've made absolutely ZERO progress toward your dreams. NOTHING, NADA, ZIPPO.


I'm sure you've heard this quote a thousand times, but really think about it:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

~ Albert Einstein


Are you sick and tired of doing the same things over and over?


Are you exhausted from working so hard and still not getting what you want?


Are you ready to fall into the magical flow of life and have your Biggest Vision become a reality?


Now try this:

It's December 2009. (breathe) See yourself next December, getting ready for the holiday season and things have gone even better than you imagined. You are standing in your beautiful home, surrounded by your friends and loved ones - you feel so happy, so fulfilled, so incredibly on purpose and in sync with the flow of life, you have incredible abundance and success. You are living a life far beyond what you dreamed possible. Allow yourself to connect to your greatness ~ the most powerful person you can be. Can you see it?


I've seen it a hundred times, you get this beautiful vision of what's possible, it feels so alive, so amazing and then in a flash, your inspiring vision is replaced with a critical voice.

"You can't do that." ...

"Who do you think you are?!" ...

What are some of the things that your critical voice says to you?


Here is a little of what my clients have shared with me:

"You're not good enough, you don't have enough money, you're too old, you're too young, you don't have enough time, you're not smart enough, you don't have the right contacts, you don't have the talent, everyone will laugh at you, you'll make a fool of yourself."


... Did I forget one? Did you find your critical voice in there?


I tell my clients that your Inner Wisdom whispers and your Inner Critic yells. I haven't been able to completely banish my inner critic from my head. She gets most loud, when I'm standing off stage, getting ready to speak to thousands of people and the host is reading that fabulous bio I've got.

That's when my inner critic pipes up: "oh, if they could have only seen you yesterday, having that melt-down with your kids in the car..."

Listen, my life is not perfect. I still struggle. I'm human. I don't have it all figured out. I don't believe anyone has it "all figured out'. But, my life today is pretty great. A far cry from that night at Mark's on Las Olas.

I'm filled with pride at the work I get to do and the people I get to work with. I am so grateful that I get to make lots of money, doing what I love, with my husband and children by my side.


"No matter how I whined or procrastinated Sandy has relentlessly believed in me, coached me through the rough spots and sincerely celebrated my breakthroughs. Sandy made it OK for me to "just do it", too. As a result today I am living my dream life."

"My name is Ms. Georgi Georgi. I am a 52 years young educator, mentor and life coach. After being in the Personal Development field for over 20 years I can say with the utmost conviction, that Sandy Grason is a blessing to any man or woman who has a yearning to fulfill and live their heart's longing.

Sandy is the most authentic teacher I have ever had the privilege to be trained by. Since my passion (I could say my "addiction"... I have more degrees than a thermometer in this field) is constantly seeking and learning for the sake of sharing - I have met countless teachers/trainers when I often thought: He/She should take their own course: They did the talk but did not walk the walk... Sandy doesn't just talk the talk - she ever so generously shares about her even most sacred and personal growing pains along the way - she reveals the naked truth. I can safely say that I have never met a more honest, real, and loving, devoted, caring, tireless and inspiring woman in this field. Sandy is a true "way-shower", bar none the most genuine person I have ever met.

Sandy has made the biggest impact on me to inspire me to get real, to be true to myself and to get on towards living and fulfilling my dream. By openly sharing her journey, the good, the bad and the ugly, her fears and doubts and achievements and telling it like it was for her to get where she is at now, without hiding or fading or altering anything it was as if she somehow made it OK for me to "just do it", too.

As a result I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I could trust her from the beginning. I have felt totally accepted by her regardless of my shortcomings. She saw me as my true potential and no matter how I whined or procrastinated Sandy has relentlessly believed in me and coached me through the rough spots and sincerely celebrated my breakthroughs. She has awakened me to owning my "deliciousness" and encouraged me to share it with the world without hesitation. As a result today I am living my dream life and I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

Thank you Sandy Grason!"

~ Georgi Georgi, www.sharingwithlove.com


I've designed my life by MANIFESTING what I want.

And you can do it, too!


Now I'm going to share exactly how I did it, and my clients have done it, so you can manifest whatever you want, whenever you want it.


There is a formula.


For the first time ever, I am revealing the exact formula that's worked for me.

I'm a very practical person. When people start talking about alternate realities or planes of consciousness, my head starts to spin.


I'm giving you practical steps and real information that you can put to use right away- and see results fast!


I'm going to show you how to manifest anything you want...


Manifested the Woman of His Dreams in 3 weeks!

Before 'manifesting' with Sandy, I went on some of those online dating sites and I would complain to all my friends that the "girls out there, really don't want a nice guy. They say they want a nice guy, but they don't, because I'm a great guy. Great job, great house, great personality... The girls I've met don't want that."

I've never been into the Law of Attraction and I had never really thought about manifesting anything. But I decided to give Sandy's Manifesting System a try anyway. I followed Sandy's Manifesting Steps exactly, and within a few weeks the woman of my dreams showed up. She was actually right in front of my eyes. She's beautiful, intelligent, charming and we have so much in common. We've been living together now for over 1 1/2 years and it just keeps getting better.

I can't believe how lucky I am to have manifested her in my life. I'm a true believer in Sandy's Manifesting now. It really did happen that easy. I worked with her, I did her steps, and the girl of my dreams was right in front of me. I didn't think that was going to happen for me! Try it. It works!

- Jim Robertson, All Ways Entertainment, Inc. Jupiter, FL


I think it's important for you to know -

I can't tell you WHY this works. I just know IT DOES WORK.

I've seen it work over and over and over again for People just like you.


Perhaps, it is those Universal Laws & Principles, and the quantum field responding to your energy. Maybe it's the heightened state of awareness that you begin to experience that alerts you to opportunities surrounding you every single day that might otherwise go unnoticed. I'm not a scientist or a quantum physicist or a mystic. I'm just like you. A results oriented, practical yet optimistic woman with Big Ideas and... of course... a very Hot Mogul, too.


If you want detailed theory and scientific data and charts and graphs explaining WHY all of this works, this program is not for you.


If you just want to know exactly WHAT TO DO, right now,


you've come to the right place


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My work in this world is all about expanding your comfort zone and making you the biggest, most amazing, clear, focused, Rock Star Mogul you can be. The world is waiting for your magnificence. And yes, you are magnificent! You deserve to have the most opulent, fun, fabulous life- I am giving you permission to have it right now. Are you ready?


Mastermind to Manifest
How to Use the Secrets of Manifesting to Create Unlimited Success

Here's a little taste of what I'll give you:

  • How to turn ON your Manifesting Mojo
  • How to use 'energetic observation' to multiply your intuitive powers
  • How to blast through Hidden Beliefs & Master the Mindset to have millions

Here's what you'll notice right away:

  • You will immediately see the signs that your internal world is shifting to support the manifesting vision you've created for your life
  • Serendipity and coincidences become normal occurrences in your life now
  • You think about a colleague or friend and the phone rings
  • You mention you want to go somewhere or do something and an invitation appears the next day (or sooner)
  • Your life takes on a certain flow, things are just clicking
  • You feel more peaceful and grounded and clear. You radiate this new certainty.
  • Incredible opportunities show up that move you toward your vision- at lightening speed


I'll show you how to enter that calm state of extreme clarity that will take your business and your life beyond your wildest dreams.


Here's what the Mastermind to Manifest System contains:


1. The Mastermind to Manifest Main System Binder:
This binder guides you in clearly defining what you want to manifest. Then you'll use the system to map out the steps to get you there. Here's what you get in the main binder:

  • The Power of Manifesting
  • Vision Statements
  • Overcoming Self-Doubt
  • Hidden Beliefs
  • Intuition
  • Inspired Action
  • Attracting the Right People
  • Things That Stop You
  • Make Money Doing What You Love
  • Remove Financial Blocks
  • Get Naked
  • Time & Energy
  • Marinating
  • Productivity, Perfectionism & Procrastination
  • Shake Your Booty
  • Expressing Your Greatness
  • Creating Massive Success
  • Jet Fuel for Your Future


2. The Mastermind to Manifest Workbook
15 Amazing Exercises & Visualizations to clear out the cobwebs and get your Manifesting Mojo on- baby!


3. Mastermind to Manifest Guidebook & Official Masterminding Group Guidelines
Invaluable templates and tools that guarantee your Masterminding & Manifesting Success

  • How to get busy, powerful, amazing people to Mastermind with you
  • Increasing your Success by the power of the Master Mind that Napoleon Hill references
  • Actual templates I used when I created my first mastermind dream team- you get my templates for emails, invitations & more


Plus you get these incredible bonuses:

Bonus # 1 *Audio CDs* of my Live 4-Week Mastermind to Manifest Small Group Coaching Event (with full transcripts)

You also get 4 jam-packed audio CDs and full written transcripts of the only live 4-week tele-seminar series I've ever done on this topic. Because my coaching style is extremely intuitive, many of the tools that I use only with my private clients are revealed during these closed sessions.

*This is the only place I've ever given this information away, other than to my private coaching clients.*


Bonus # 2 *Sandy's Secret Manifesting Mojo Checklist - How to Manifest Absolutely Anything in 5 Simple Steps*

This is the exact formula I've used successfully for years to manifest everything from publishing deals to invitations on yachts & private planes. I've created a checklist for you to follow with complete instructions! (Laminate this baby and use it over & over again!) I've made it so easy, so simple for you to manifest absolutely anything you want!


Bonus # 3 How to Be A HOT MOGUL: Lead Your Team with Vision, Ease & Grace - Inspired Action for Extreme Success * Audio CD, Complete Transcripts & Power Point Presentation Workbook*

This is an *amazing* presentation I did for the top directors at Mary Kay this year. It's was an invitation only VIP event- and you get the entire presentation, including audio CD, written transcripts and my printed Power Point Presentation Workbook! Here are some of the topic highlights:

What makes a great leader... A Hot Mogul? A Hot Mogul is grounded in her purpose and her vision. She has the ability to inspire others especially during times of challenge. In this program, Sandy shows you how to develop your CORE purpose. How to have B.A.L.L.S. without being barbaric. How to create a strong, clear and inspiring vision for your team and lead them to completion. And how to bring out your natural ability to lead with vision, ease and grace.


Bonus #4: A One-on-One Consult with Me! (15 Minutes)

That's right! If you need that extra bit of Manifesting Mojo- or just want to know what it's like to Mastermind personally with ME!

You also get to call me on the phone and we'll spend time talking about what YOU are manifesting!



Have you been waiting for permission to step into your greatness?

Some people stay small & some dare to live beyond mediocrity. My Mastermind to Manifest Home Study System is a step-by-step program for creating clarity & claiming your abundance. The world is waiting for your magnificence.


  • If you're ready to take a HUGE leap forward in your life

  • If you're committed to manifesting your Big Vision this year

  • If you're tired of waiting and are ready to take Inspired Action


Let me show you how to use my secrets of manifesting to create unlimited success!

My private clients pay thousands of dollars to have access to this information. This is the 1st time ever, it's being made available outside of my private coaching, in a Home Study Course. The system I'm giving you is exactly what has allowed me to create an amazing life for myself & my clients have used this same information to manifest massive success.


Personal Production went up by 71%, my Team Organizational Production went up 69% and my Income went up 53%

Before I met Sandy Grason the thought of having a coach never entered my mind. Why do I say that? Well, I was already successful in my Network Marketing business with Pre-Paid Legal Services, - I was already a mentor to many people across North America - I was earning more money than others thought possible - so how could someone else inspire me to do more?

Then I met Sandy! From the moment I saw her on stage at a Women's Retreat I attended, I was inspired, motivated, emotional and for the first time in many many years I actually BELIEVED I could be more than I was at that moment. When Sandy and I spoke on the phone, her warm and no nonsense approach helped me decide right then and there to invest my time and money . . . I knew that there was something else inside that could do more, achieve more, become more as a human being, and I also knew that Sandy Grason was the coach I needed to go to a whole new level.

The most important thing I learned from working with Sandy is that I have a good sense of self and many unique abilities that need to be shared with others, in other words, I learned how to raise the bar on myself! If that was all I got out of my time with Sandy it would have been worth it . . . but I achieved a whole lot more!

In the 6 months I worked with Sandy my personal production went up by 71% over the previous 6 months, my team organizational production went up 69% and my income went up 53%. Meeting and working with Sandy was a Blessing I wasn't expecting or anticipating. Regardless of where you are in your life - anywhere from starting out and unsure of yourself to having more confidence than anyone you know, I would recommend spending time with Sandy Grason - the experience would be a gift to yourself that will stay with you!

~ Patti Ross, www.ppldreamgiver.com

This package is only $497 which is an amazing deal, considering you could manifest a whole new business using these principles, not to mention, much greater success, abundance and happiness.

Remember, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain (like manifesting absolutely anything you want right now and making more money while working a lot less!)


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So, are you ready to manifest your most opulent, fun, fabulous life?


Yes, Sandy ~ I'm ready to FINALLY learn the secrets of manifesting to create complete clarity and unlimited success in my business & my life!

  • I get the The Mastermind to Manifest Main System Binder that covers all the topics I'll need to clearly define my vision and the steps to get me there.

  • I also get the Mastermind to Manifest Workbook containing 15 Amazing Exercises & Visualizations to clear out the cobwebs and get my Manifesting Mojo on- baby!

  • I also get both the Mastermind to Manifest Guidebook & Official Masterminding Group Guidelines that includes all the invaluable templates and tools I'll need to Manifest a powerful mastermind Dream Team and attract amazing, productive, masterful events.


  • I also get the *Audio CDs* of your Live 4-Week Mastermind to Manifest Small Group Coaching Event (with full transcripts) I can listen to these CDs in my car, on my computer or anywhere on any cd player.

  • I'm also getting Sandy's (absolutely priceless) Secret Manifesting Mojo Checklist- that shows me How to Manifest Absolutely Anything in 5 Simple Steps

  • AND Sandy's Live Presentation: How to Be A HOT MOGUL: Lead Your Team with Vision, Ease & Grace- Inspired Action for Extreme Success * Audio CD, Complete Transcripts & Power Point Presentation Workbook

  • And One-on-One Consult with Sandy!

Are you ready?

Choose one option

Pay in full now $497
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  • Even if you are still figuring out what exactly you want to manifest, you'll find it in here.

  • Even if you've watched the Secret one hundred times and are still struggling- this program will guide you

  • If you're ready to ROCK & ROLL right now

Get this program!


I look forward to hearing about your amazing Manifesting Success!


Have a Faaaabulous Day,





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